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  • I just subscribed to your channel and I have to say that you have respect from here on how you teach and answer questions for dj’s.

    Anthony Pacheco

  • Well done tutorial … method of teaching is way ahead of many tutorial I have seen…


  • Looking for some time now video tutorials about scratching, and your’s are by FAR the best – simple and understandable! Thanx a lot man… keep on rocking!!

    Michalis Roussounelos

  • Great video boss… Everything you said is right on the money.. keep sharing

    DJ Latinman

  • Yo TLM You hit all your points on the nose. It was well said and you really got the message through. I have an even higher respect for you.

    DJ Takin’ It Back

  • I wanna say thanx for making these videos. I been a rave dj for about 3 years now and i’m slowly witching to battle and club dj. i find your advice very helpful.

    DJ Byo

  • Thank you sir. Truly an awesome teacher

    Zachary Larson

  • Great work TLM! Keep up so that we can learn and practice the “craft”!!!

    Dimitris Psirras

  • Hey DjTlm, just got into DJing bout a year now and your tutorials are one of the best I’ve seen.

    Leo Amio

  • Hey Dj TLM, Just wanted to comment and let you know how wonderful your videos are. I got into DJing about a year and a half ago and find your videos extremely informative towards my success


  • One of the best Tutorial Series !! keep going

    Kermit Clein

  • Thank you for your videos, your teaching is very accurate and I have to say that I learned a lot from you. Once again thanks for sharing this!!

    Jose Alvardo

  • These videos have helped me so much! I’m an electronic house DJ, but thanks to these videos I’m starting to really like the whole scratching technique, thank you so much man, keep them coming!

    Leonardo Jose Rodriguez

  • Hey this is awesome! Im doing dance music now ..EDM stuff..But this is awesome! much love!!!

    Shua Ly

  • Great tutorial un saludo it’s DJ Albert from Medellin Colombia!

    DJ Albert

  • THANX djTLMtv!!!!You do great job!!! Peace Love and Respect from Belgrade Serbia!


  • Great video once again bro!!! I really appreciate all the help!!! Keep spinnin!!!

    Nipsy Jenkinz


    Marco Salce

  • Best tutorials for dj’s, especially beginners. Keep up the good work.
    From New Zealand.

    Benjamin Taukiri

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